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About Abbot Vault

Abbot Vault, through their associated manufacturers in China, develops, produces, and markets a wide range of Components for Household Appliances and Automobile Industry.

Over our competitive prices and rigorous quality we add a wide range of added value services for each Abbot Vault product:

Beneficios de Abbot Vault

From beginning to end, our Offices in Shanghai and Barcelona take extreme care of the full Supply Chain Management, making available to our clients a global logistic service and a flexible production capacity that permits the supply of high quality products at very competitive prices.

What benefits can Abbot Vault bring?

  Consultation on the development of new products.
  Reduction of the purchase price.
  Flexibility of the supply process.
  Reduction of stocks.
  Assistance by local technicians
Supply Chain
Barcelona warehouse
Quality Control
Barcelona & Shanghai Order Tracking
Local Support
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