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Abbot Vault always adheres to practice the principle of "Pursue the Excellent Quality, Satisfy the Customers Demand, Concern Employee Development, Improve Enterprise Value".

Abbot Vault works together with several chemical and physical analysis laboratories with updated equipments, and meanwhile we can share in application of the advanced equipments another R&D Centres.

We control effectively the whole quality process of our products. We strictly have control the product quality from the beginning and we take emphasize on the management mode of "Prevention in Advance". Abbot Vault scientifically analysis the information of customers' demands to ensure to understand them correctly and then to improve our product design elaborately. We carried out evaluating and certificate system on the suppliers, with which we do managing work well for the quality. Inside the company we adopt the three testing rules of "personal, mutual and special testing ", and we also execute seriously the principles of "refuse to accept and manufacture unqualified products" We rigorously put the quality policies into daily work practice.

Meanwhile, we persist in improving the product quality in the course of that work such as market research, design and development of new products, purchase and testing. We guarantee high quality products to our customers through our high quality working.

Abbot Vault Quality

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) outlines the methods used for approval of production and service commodities, including bulk materials, up to and including part submission warrant in the Advanced Quality Planning process. The purpose of the PPAP process is to ensure that suppliers of components comply with the design specification and can run consistently without affecting the customer line and improving the quality systems. PPAP ensures that we will achieve the first time quality and will lower down the cost of quality.

Pursue the Excellent Quality
Prevention in Advance
Personal, mutual and special testing
Refuse manufacture unqualified products
High quality products
Abbot Vault Advanced Quality Planning
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